4 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Behave

January 23, 2018

How to Discipline Kids? – 4 Top Tips from Experts


Discipline is about teaching children how to behave appropriately. By discipline, we don’t mean that you have to make them function like robots. However, it means that you have to teach them how to behave in a good manner when it is needed the most. According to experts, you can only do that if you have a warm and loving relationship with your kids. Here we will discuss 4 top tips from experts you can use to discipline your kids.


Let’s get started.


Set Family Rules


In order to discipline your kids, you should devise some family rules. These family rules should not be only for the kids but you should also follow them. For every child, parents are their first role model and they learn quickly from them. If you will follow the family rules, they will follow you in following them. In the beginning, it is advisable to start with 4 to 5 family rules. They can be anything like eating time, time to watch the TV, and stuff like that. If your children are school going, you can always involve them in deciding some of the rules. It is very powerful to have kids choose their own rules and consequences then everyone signs it as an agreement.


Praise Your Child


It is scientifically proven that whenever a human being is praised for something, they repeat it again and again to get the same level of appreciation. Being a parent, you should always praise your child for every good deed or behavior. Even praise attempts to do what is right, so your child wants to try more in the future. It will add a lot to their confidence and they will try to make that good behavior their habit. When you scold your child for bad behavior, you should praise them as well to maintain the balance.


Set Limits & Limitations


There should be some limits for your children. If you want to teach them discipline, you should make sure they are not exceeding the limits set by you. You as a parent have your own values. Teach these values to your children. Do not expect the school system, your church, your friends or the TV and internet to teach your children. Teach them how to be responsibile and ask to stay with the boundaries set. Decide on a consequence of breaking a family rule. For example, you can withhold their dollar allowance entirely or partially. It can be time-out or loss of priviledges. The same should apply to you so that a trend is set and the children should respect it. Be a role model of always improving in your own life. You can make a game out it. If the kids catch you saying a bad word or not following your diet, you also recieve the consequences.



Tell Them Specifically How to Behave


If you want your child to live confidently, you should tell them how to behave especially in the public. There shouldn't be so many restrictions at the home but when they are out, make sure they know explicitly what you expect. Teach them how to behave while dealing with other people. Shake hands firmly, look others in the eye, smile and be respecful. Tell them that you have expectations of them and you want them to behave appropriately while dealing with others. The best way to do it is by asking them to look at you while you are talking with other people. How do you sit? How do you dress? How do you speak to others? You can also role play at home to make sure they've got it. Constant reminders and repetition is key, but do so in a positive way. Reward and praise them in front of other adults for their good behavior. Your kids will amaze all by teaching them specific ways to act.


It is your responsibility to teach your kids to be disciplined and you should do whatever it takes to make sure your kids are well-mannered and become responsible, confident, independent and repectful world citizens.


We hope that you can continue to teach and inspire your children to view the world with awe and to make a positive impace throughout their lives. Check out our other articles for more great content about music for kids and parenting tips.


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