4 Kinds of Toys that Foster and Encourage Your Child's Creativity

January 13, 2018

How do I choose the right fun toys to improve my kid's creativity?


Parents have so many options when it comes to choosing toys for their kids. The toy market today is overwhelming – from tablets for toddlers, to toys that resemble their favorite TV characters. As a parent, the most important thing to consider is that not all toys are designed for kids of all ages. Parents shouldn't just buy every toy out there. Consider your child's age, ability, interests, and needs. Just taking time to think about this beforehand will not only save you money, but also help your child's development.

Choose the best learning toys that give your child the chance to be both creative and imaginative at the same time. The toys that you choose for your kids should allow them to play hands-on, alone or with other kids, and be able to help them develop their critical thinking skills.


When looking to give the best toys to your child, here are some great tips for parents to make the appropriate choices:


Pretend Play

A child’s development during the growing up years occurs best when parents help them discover their sense of creativity and imagination. Pretend play toys such as cars, tool sets, play kitchens, etc. are props similar to real life objects that makes learning fun for kids. Kids love to act "grown up" and doing so can actually help teach them life skills. They will not just enjoy these toys, but can relate to them in reality as well. For instance, children can understand the gears of a car or how to cook dinner with the right toys.


Self-Discover with Exploration Toys


Nothing beats the fun and learning aspect associated with self-exploration toys such as sand and water tables. There are so many utilitarian benefits related to these play things. Children can develop their own sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. Everyone learns best through their senses. These toys promote self discovery for children. Another great example of an exploration toy that your child can have fun with are art exploration boxes. These type of toys require that the kids make something by themselves. They will be super proud when they create something and get your praise.


Encourage Play on the Move


Kids like to be active and enjoy playing on the move. When looking through the many choices in kids games, opt for educational toys that allow them to be mobile. Kids today spend way too much time indoors on electronic devices. I'm sure you remember when you were younger and had great memories on bikes, roller skates, or skateboads. While shopping, consider which of these active play toys would be best suited for your child’s age. For instance, toddlers may be too young to be on the wheels or pedals. Looking for walkers or wagons would be the most appropriate in that case. You can combine this with pretend play and get a toy shopping cart they can push around and pretend to buy things.



Develop Analytical Power with Construction Toys


Building toys ensure that your kid has the maximum fun since it provokes intense brain activity. The reason why construction toys are one of the best for your children’s mind development is the most of the skills that kids use at school revolve around numbers. Legos are the most famous toy in this category. There are tons of other construction toys for all ages that allow your child to build something amazing.


You child will can learn mathematical functions faster in a natural way through play. This will help them retain it in their brain for a longer time. To build a model with construction toys, kids need to analyze the proper measurements and imagine their creation in their mind. When working with others they learn teamwork and communication while building together. In the school setting, children are able to learn essential skills quickly while having more fun.


When browsing through shelves of toys at the local toy store or even shopping for toys online, remember that not all fun toys are meant for your child’s educational and developmental progress. Many toys will not help your child's development but may even teach bad habits such as impatience, instant gratification and a tendency to not think for themselves. By choosing the perfect toy for your kid, you not only give them the opportunity to have a great time during play periods, but also the chance to become capable of developing their own sense of imagination and creativity.




We hope that you can continue to teach and inspire your children to view the world with awe and to make a positive impace throughout their lives. Check out our other articles for more great content about music for kids and parenting tips.


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