The Effects of Technology on Children's Development

May 3, 2018

Technology is everywhere, just take a look around right now and count how many devices you can see. Technology has brought many great things to us. The internet helps us learn faster and easier. Tablets, iPads, smartphones, computers, our life is surrounded by technology and our children are using it at home, school and in their free time. Our children will learn many things online that we cannot even dream about it right now. They will have unlimited opportunities in the future.


There are some negative impacts technology has on children, which can create serious consequences into our children's' lives. To get take advantage of the positive and avoid the negative, parents must consciously think about, discuss and decide what role technology will have in your home.




1.Relationship and social skills issues:

As children use mobile devices more and more, they can become addicted to them. Children may not spend enough time with friends and family and avoid interaction with real people. The new generation is growing up playing games online, accessing websites (sometimes harmful websites), chatting online on Facebook and so on. Spending too much time online can literally re-wire a child's brain through chemicals and hormones. Spending too much time online will often weaken the bond between parents and their children.


2. Health problems:

The overuse of mobile phones and other gadgets can be harmful to children's health. The more they use of these devices, the less physical activities they do. Playing games online is often combined with junk food and snacks that add to the problem. As children spend more time in front of these screen and less time playing, running and doing other exercise that burns calories, the likelihood of childhood obesity, diabetes, vision problems, back problems, sleep deprivation and other health issues increases.




Technology provides many positive benefits for learning. Although we can easily be over stimulated by technology, when used proactively and purposefully, technology can bless our lives in every area. It affects the way kids process information and can encourage self learning and life-long learning. Consider more positive effects:


1. Hand-eye coordination:

Kids easily develop hand-eye coordination through playing games or developing computer skills. Hand and eye coordination is very important when kids begin to attend school, as they will learn how to effectively utilize their hands when writing, drawing, playing sports and learning music.


2. Enhance language skills:

Gadgets can help enhance a child's language skills. By reading eBooks, watching educational videos or accessing other stories and websites online, children are exposed to a vast array of written and spoken language. They will learn new words and proper ways to pronounce them. They can even experience hearing, seeing and learning a new language they would otherwise never be exposed to. Modern children have keenly intuitive knack for understanding computer-based systems and can also learn computer language and code in school or online.


3. School preparation and life skills:

Technology is important in education and in our careers. Children will be using technology extensively throughout all their schooling, until they graduate from university. It doesn't stop there. Wherever they chose to work, they will almost certainly be using a computer or other device in some way. Using technology at home can provide opportunities for kids to gain the important skills to prepare them for school and life. There are many appropriate computers programs to increase a child's readiness to learn reading and all other subjects in school.


5. Developing creativity:

The world is full of an unlimited amount of opportunities, experiences and knowledge. Watching YouTube videos, playing games, listening to music or read articles online are all ways to experience the creativity of millions of people around the world. As children learn more, they will be inspired to be creative themselves and leave an impact on the world. Some children even make their own YouTube videos with the help of their parents or share pictures or songs they write online.


There is no limit to how we can use the internet and technology to aid our children's development. Parents must be decisive and proactive in deciding what role these devices will have in their homes. Guide your child and show them step by step how to safety and effective use technology. Teach them to set boundaries and follow guidelines, so their minds and bodies are not ruined by the negative effects of technology but benefit form the positive. They will be forever grateful as they grow older for your wisdom and direction in this important matter.


We hope that the above information will be able to help you understand more about using technology with your children. Check out our other articles for more great content about parenting, music and education.


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