How Music Benefits Children's' Development - Amazing Effects on Your Child's Brain

December 9, 2017

Four Significant Benefits of Music for Kids that Stays for Life


Ultimately we all want our children to experience success throughout their lives. By adopting music into the lifestyle of your child, you involve benefits related to the physical, psychological, mental and spiritual well-being that makes life meaningful. Music contributes to your child’s ability to reach the higher state of development. Some of these benefits are:


Ability to Listen


The benefit of music in children extends beyond being able to play an instrument. In fact, it is seen that even early musical training has an impact on a child’s development, especially with assistance in pattern recognition, spatial intelligence, pattern forming, and even reasoning skills. For instance, when a child takes lessons in playing the violin, by imitating how the violin teacher plays the instrument, the child associates playing the musical notes with success.


Children with learning disabilities or dyslexia who tend to lose focus with more noise could benefit greatly from music lessons.


Lessons in playing a musical instrument involve understanding patterns. There is a mental connection between listening to the correct note and creating the same pattern correctly. Being able to follow the musical notes not only helps in the ability to read, but also sets the state for reasoning skills such as in mathematics.


Impacts Underperforming Students


Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons.


Those kids that get caught up with other fellow students of the class are able to significantly improve their logical reasoning skills after a few classes of music learning. Their attitude and behavior also improved significantly with disciplinary music lessons.


The discipline of practice with learning any musical instrument, is what leads to success. Children get benefited from the praise of their parents and teachers, knowing they have played the right notes.


Improves Memory and Self-Expression


Playing music improves children’s reading and verbal skills by enhancing the power of focus, memory and self expression.

Children that undertake more music lessons per week are most likely to make rapid developments in speech and reading capabilities with greater ease.


By being able to express themselves confidently, children are able to build community interactivity skills, and were less stressed during school assessments. This indicates that children learning music are able to handle performance pressures tactfully.


Promotes Thinking Capabilities


A five-year study conducted by the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at USC revealed that music lessons and learning in children are related to the development of spatial intelligence. This is crucial to facilitate advanced thought processes for complex brain functions.


Children undergoing music lessons score much higher with reasoning and logical capabilities compared to those who don’t.  


Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education.


Music has the power to dramatically improve performance capabilities in children. Hence, it makes sense for parents to push music education in young children to enrich greater intelligence with creative thinking.


We hope that the above information will inspire you to involve music more in your child's life. Check out our other articles for more great content about music for kids.


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