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Hey there,

This is Jenny and Benny.

We are two passionate teachers with over 15 years combined teaching experience. We love watching our students light up as they get new concepts and succeed in learning. Nothing beats that feeling of helping a child understand something for the first time.


We have taught all around the world and our students have come from over 10 different countries. We have taught languages, literature, phonics, reading, acting, music and more over the years. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, children bring happiness in ways nothing else can. We love watching our kids improve each day.

We have found through our years of experience that many homes don't have access to quality educational toys and musical instruments. Even if parents do buy a piano or guitar, often these go unused and ignored because they're too difficult to carry around (you must play it at home in the living room) or too difficult to learn. Parents and grandparents are also too busy and don't have the musical skills to teach their kids. Music classes can be expensive.

Schools are not that much better. The schools that we've worked in have had little resources. Toys and instruments are often unorganized or broken from previous students. We believe our young ones deserve the best!

With this in mind, we started May Baby Play. We are a very small business based in the USA with a passion to bring you the best educational and musical toys.


We believe that kids learn better, faster and retain more information through creativity, curiosity, exploration and play. We find toys that will boast your child's academic skills, social skills, motor skills, discipline, patience, confidence, and creativity. We specialize in creating high quality musical instruments and toys for kids so they can grow and develop through play. We ensure that all our products are safe for children and test the products with our own kids to check that we have something they will truly love. We offer resources to help you teach your kids in an easy-to-follow way or even let them teach themselves.

Check out our full free EBook <HERE> and our YouTube video tutorials <HERE>!

We love teaching, we love music and and we love kids. Don't hesitate to send us an email at jennyandbenny@maybabyplay.com with questions or stories about your child's adventures!

You may now begin to play!

                    -Jenny and Benny

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